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Discovery99 is formed with the vision to make India a storehouse of inventions and new technologies that work for public purposes and thus help the nation to create wealth and gain influence. New ideas and their implementation is the way forward to achieve strategic goals. Discovery99 is committed to provide excellent support to those who want to contribute through their ideas.

Discovery99 is a platform for all individuals who want to apply their scientific aptitude and knowledge for the improvement of society.At Discovery99, we present to you range of comprehensive solutions for converting your ideas into feasible and sustainable commercial products useful for individuals, society, and/or industries to overcome unique challenges that may conventionally materialize from factors such as the lack of direction, resources, or clarity.

Discovery99 is a novel portal through which we intend to mobilize the vast scientific contingent of India to produce innovative ideas related to science and technology by encouraging the development of scientific temper, curiosity, and a spirit of technological reform.

Therefore, with this platform, we present a comprehensive and upgraded resource for further promoting researchers, students, and engineers to share their research experience. 

To overcome the challenges of the future, our goal is to present excellent applied research projects by assisting students, researchers, clinicians, engineers, chemists, and others with original ideas.

The goal is achieved through our dynamic process integration, which is optimized through our experts.To bring discovery and innovation on the table, our primary focus has always been on the following aspects: Bringing together industry leaders, clinical facilities, and young scientists on a single platform by highlighting the functional aspects of institutions, industries, and scientific organizations.

Encouraging young talent in India to propose innovative ideas through the inculcation of scientific temper. Provoking people with a scientific temperament and an enthusiastic bent of mind to present raw concepts, a pilot study, or a proof of concept with sufficient aggregation of relevant data; offering them complete support in terms of funding and opportunities to validate their data by industry experts; and/or offering investments to initiate start-ups.

We primarily aim to reach out to professionals, researchers, scholars, and scientists from India and outside to guide them in the selection of start-up opportunities, clinical translations, and technological transport. 



About us

Discovery99 has partnerships with global equipment manufacturers to provided hands on training on high end equipments like Next Generation DNA Sequencing, Liquid Chromatography- UPLC / HPLC , Gas Chromatography (GC) , Mass Spectrometry, Tissue & Cell Imaging etc.  We welcome all of you to make your skills sharper by hands on training during your academic season and create the impact on recuriters.



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