Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry is a tool of choice for solving complex analytical challanges.

Whater you are in Drug Discovery ,  finding disease biomarker , studying toxicology or testing food wide choice of Mass Spectrometry is with chromatographic separation can help you to get you right answer.

Our panelist can help you in LC-MS/MS , GC-MS/MS , ICP-MS , HR-MS or Chromatography Detection 

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Discovery99 has partnerships with global equipment manufacturers to provided hands on training on high end equipments like Next Generation DNA Sequencing, Liquid Chromatography- UPLC / HPLC , Gas Chromatography (GC) , Mass Spectrometry, Tissue & Cell Imaging etc.  We welcome all of you to make your skills sharper by hands on training during your academic season and create the impact on recuriters.



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