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1- Ingredient or technology for prevention of oil oxidation

seeking solutions that can prevent oil oxidation of emulsions without impacting the flavour, appearance and product quality of the emulsion. Potential approaches could be in the form of a novel ingredient, processing techniques, packaging or technology. For example, encapsulation of oil could protect it from oxidising prior to its specific use, or a specific processing technique could lessen exposure to oxidising factors (light, temperature, moisture).

Main requirements

- Prevention or delay of oil oxidation
- Effective at acidic pH
- Works under chilled and ambient temperatures
- No adverse sensory effects on the emulsion

Desired outcome
- The desired outcome is a technology, process, or ingredient that can prevent or delay oxidation of emulsions without negatively impacting the sensory properties of the emulsion (taste, smell, appearance, consistency). Current commercial natural anti-oxidants are not of interest.


2-Intelligent packaging

eeking technologies that enhance the value and perceived value of products when incorporated onto primary packaging. We are seeking improvements in the connection between consumer and product (how-to-guides, recipes, reviews, gamification), potential health benefits (freshness indicator, cooking aid), or in the safety of the product (authentication, tamper evidence, anti-theft).

Main requirements

Technology should have a direct and perceivable benefit to the consumer when using the intelligent packaging.
Improvements in connectivity need to be relevant to the product and its target audience.
Safety and protection features should present in no compromise in the quality of the packaging and visibility or usability of the contents.

Desired outcome

Incorporation of a new technology into packaging to enhance value, user experience, consumer trust in products and consideration to environment (packaging waste stream and recyclability).
1- Environment related

A- Solutions in the form of a devices which can be fit in to exhaust to trap Carbon and other greenhouse gases.
B- Carbon Trapping

This though is inspired by Photosynthesis where green plant converts CO2 in to oxygen, we would like to have a device, create by nanomaterial filter balloon to trap and convert exhaust gases.

2- Solid waste disposal reactor: we would to discover a bin to dispose of the household waste in the kitchen itself.

3- Removal of pesticide residue: we would like to discover a method to get rid of pesticide & antibiotic residue from food grain before it goes for processing.

4- Air Pollution : I would to discover a solution in form of devise to absorb PM 2.5 & 5.0 particle from the air and fit in to public road transport vehicle.

5- Air Pollution: I would like to discover a big vacuum cleaner and fit that in to vehicle to clean the roads.

6- Social Organic farming: I would like to discover a method to use divider land to grow vegetables for homeless families. 

7- Safe Travel : I would like to discover a devise to control traffic on railway crossing. Automatic gate closing and opening (Mobile App based)

8- Safe Travel : I would like to discover pre-alert warning system railway track damaging.

9- Life Saving:
 I would like to make a mobile app for ambulance which can give pre-alert to traffic police about movement of ambulance so that he can arrange to smoothen the traffic in the area.

10- Life Saving: I would like  to discover a combination of medicine which effectively work on type II diabetes mellitus.

11- Life Science research : I would like  to know the root cause of diabetes epidemic.

12- Life Science Research : I would like  to know about antibiotic resistance in Indian population.

13- Water saving: to save fresh water wastage , washbasin water can be utilized to refill the flush tank, which can save lots of water , i would like to discover the device which can store and refil the flush tank.

14- Drive safe: a software program, which does not allow user to accept phone call until he/she stops the vehicle. 

15- Drive safe : Air bag for motorcycle

16- Drive safe : I would like to discover Anti-reflection coating for car windshield.

17- Save Fuel  : I would like to discover a Devise that can make car AC independent of fuel.

18-Save Fuel: I would like  to discover a devise that can make a car hybrid work with Soler or electrical power.

19- Clean Energy: I would like  to discover Soler powered mobile / laptop charger.

20- No Plastic:  I would like  to discover eco-friendly packing for liquid.

21- Drink Clean Water :I would like to discover chemical free water cleaning.

22- Life science Research: I would like  to discover a method to get rid of vector borne diseases.

23- Safe Medicine: I would luike  to discover a devices to check counterfeit medicine at medical store.

24- Safe Food :I would to discover a rapid method to test food adulteration.

25- No Malaria or Dengue: I would like to discover organic mosquito repellent spray (deodorant or washing powder)

26- Live Free: I would like to discover solution for traffic jam in my local area.(local problem)







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