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                                            Discovery99 provides a platform to break new grounds in scientific discovery and thus have a positive impact on lives.

“Discover India” 
is a mission for you and by you to overcome complex challenges, make sustainable invention, develop methods or products to solve everyday problems, and overcome complex challenges of society and industrial output.

We aim to work in unison with you, be it your raw ideas or experiments in an initial stage, to achieve the ultimate objective for the advancement of science and thereby the quality of life. 


With the help of our experts, you can transform your ideas into breakthrough discoveries.



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About us

Discovery99 has partnerships with global equipment manufacturers to provided hands on training on high end equipments like Next Generation DNA Sequencing, Liquid Chromatography- UPLC / HPLC , Gas Chromatography (GC) , Mass Spectrometry, Tissue & Cell Imaging etc.  We welcome all of you to make your skills sharper by hands on training during your academic season and create the impact on recuriters.



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